Avraham The Hebrew: The Inspiring Story Of Our Forgotten Identity And Its Meaning For World Unity

What does it mean to be a Hebrew? What do the Hebrews have to do with world unity?

The Bible calls Abraham “the Hebrew,” but the word can’t be understood from the context. That’s why Judaism’s Oral tradition, received by Moses from Sinai, records four explanations for the term “Hebrew.” While there is overlap, it’s not the same as the word “Jew” nor what is referred to in Jewish law as an “Israelite.”

When studying Hebrew identity, one realizes that it’s unique because those who develop their Hebrew identity fully, contribute to unity amongst their fellow Hebrews and amongst all of mankind.

As important and valuable as the Hebrew identity is, Abraham’s parents sought to be rid of it and assimilate themselves and their children into their local society. As a result, Abraham struggled to find out who he was, and what his purpose was in this world.

There are many Abrahams today – Hebrews whose identity is partly or wholly unknown to them. So I wrote this booklet to help myself and others better understand ourselves.

I’ve tried to make the booklet understandable and accessible to all, even to those with no prior education in the Bible or Judaism. If you find anything is unclear or could be better explained, or have any other feedback, please share your feedback.

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